What we need from you to file personal income taxes

What should you at least bring to our office for the yearly income-tax filing?
– All annual statements on which your income is written (not the monthly payrolls)
– DigiD code (if you were registered in The Netherlands the whole year)

Often recurring extra situations for filing personal income taxes:
– Did you have a pre-tax file during the year? Did you receive a monthly amount for the tax of that year? In that case, we need the letter about this as well. We need to know how much you have already gotten or paid.
– Did you own a house? We need the papers on which the following data is written:
– WOZ-value of the house
– Paid interest
– How much of the loan is left

Does at least one of these things apply to you? And have you met the conditions for it to be applied in your tax-file? Then, you can bring your papers related to this as well.