About Sairam

We excel in delivering good and adequate administrative work for a fair price. This is in compliance with our aim to have a social role in society. It is our drive to meet customer-demands and their wishes flexibly.

Quality-service results in customer-relationships of permanent nature. This means that customers will always be helped, whether their business is going well or not.

Business Objectives
Our goal is to help as many starting entrepreneurs as possible. We mainly want to help small and medium businesses to enlarge their chances to grow.

Our aim is also to help other people besides entrepreneurs. People, individuals can have a lot of different administrative work to do, of which some of it is difficult as well. We want to help in this, for a fair price.

We want to continue our contribution to society in different ways.

Our wish is also to grow further to help more people and to contribute more to the society, by offering other services as well, such as selling organic products through our webshop and making space available for rent.

Target-group / Focus-group
Our focus is on entrepreneurs who exploit small and medium companies. We mainly focus on starting entrepreneurs to help them with all the administrative work that comes with starting a business as well.

For people who do not own a business, we also do a lot of different kind of administrative work. Many people can ask us for help.

Charity: Contribution to society
Administration Office Sairam strives to be an company that, together with volunteers who shares the same vision, support charities. We devote time, energy and financial resources to charitable causes.

Administration office Sairam is the main sponsor of the SSSSO Holland chapter foundation. 250 children in Nepal receive free education thanks to the sponsors of this foundation. The foundation focuses on education and also plays a role in the content of the education that is given. Human norms and values are an important part of this. The SSSSO-HC Foundation is also an ANBI-recognized foundation with the aim of organizing and carrying out social, humanitarian, cultural and spiritual activities. The target group and focus in mainly on education, whereby in addition to normal education, attention is also paid to character development trough the Soul-Blossom program. We at SSSSO-HC are also involved in the development and implementation of the Soul-Blossom program.