You can ask us to make a website for your company. We also take care of your company-profiles on social media (like Facebook) and other business-registration-websites.  

We can adjust many parts of the websites to your preference. We work together with an experienced web developer.

Why do you need this?
Customers are searching for companies on the internet. It is happening more and more everyday. This is a great way reaching a bigger market. Your business can be so much bigger if you are “alive” on the web. Customers need to see your company!

Facebook and Google are used by almost everyone to find what they are looking for. They go from website to website. Social Media like Facebook is used by almost every company now. Your business should not miss out on this big market where companies and customers connect and bond with each other. Having a Social Media will also let you be found by more people on the Google Search-Engine.

What do we do? 
The websites we build are excellent for a simple but professional look of your business. It is the ideal way to make your business bigger and to make it visible for the customers and other business-connections. We also complete your social media and other registrations in a professional and clean way. You can have the login-data to post information on it.

For the price given, we will complete it and sometimes you can ask us to change something or to post something new. But if you want to update more frequently, we will first talk to you about charging extra costs over your standard-price.

In these modern times, everything goes online and you cannot stay behind, or you will fall back and be left with no customers and no work.

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