Businesses / Companies (entrepreneurs)

If we have already started the work for you and you indicate that we no longer have to complete it, you still owe costs.

All prices are pre-tax!

Pricing structure for customers starting a sole proprietorship later in the start year
The cost is for the quarter in which you start and an amount of €200.
For example, if you start on August 10th (in the third quarter), the costs are calculated for two quarters, plus €200, because we have to do the annual accounts and income tax return anyway.

Your administration will only be continued if the invoices are paid for. In addition, the Tax Office can also make you pay for fines.

All prices are pre-tax!

B1. Section “basic costs” in the schedule of the calculation
1. Annual statement
2. BTW tax filing (revenue/omzet)
3. IB tax filing (personal income and profit)
4. Postponed personal income tax return (IB)

4. Help to register at the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK)
5. Requesting BTW tax number
6. Requesting wage-tax number
7. Requesting DigiD code

For this kind of work, we charge no extra costs next to the amount for basic costs. If we have to do a lot of extra work for you, we will have to charge some extra costs accordingly.

B2. Payroll-administration
Payroll per month: € 22,50 per employee, per month
Payroll per 4 weeks: € 30 per employee, per 4 weeks
Start up costs: 75,00 once per company
Drawing up contracts: € 25,00 to € 75,00 per contract 

If your employee has not worked and a wage declaration must be made: € 12.50 per wage declaration The above prices include the payslip, payroll tax return, annual statement, changes to employment contracts prepared by us

B3. Extra services (optional)
1A. Invoices (for revenue, sales): € 5 – € 6
1B. Quote/Offerte (for revenue, sales): € € 10 – € 25
2. Letters and calling to other organizations: € 20 – € 40 (also for payment-reminders etc.)
3A. In-between financial reports: € 125 for each
3B. In-between annual accounts: € 225
4. Printed version of your processed administration: € 0,20 per page
5A. Requesting a payment-agreement by phone or digital: € 15                         
5B. Requesting a written payment-agreement €25 – € 35
6. IB tax filling on paper (if not possible digitally): € 150 for each owner
7. Mediation Request for mortgage: € 125
8. Annual statement in English: € 125
9. Requesting A1/(E)101 form: € 25
10. Ending the business/organization; extra work might be necessary: Contact us for inquiry about extra costs
11. Support with audit from tax office / due diligence / requiring documents for the tax office or other organizations: extra cost depends on the time spent
12. Manual income-declaration: € 35 – € 95 
13. If your company does import and / or export to an EU country, the surcharge is: € 200 / year
14. If your company does import and / or export to a country outside the EU, the surcharge is: € 500 / year
15. Contracts, e-mails and letters made with AI (Artificial Intelligence): starting at € 50 


B4. Company forms (forms of business ownership/entities)
01 Sole proprietorship (eenmanszaak) – One-person-business
The prices mentioned above, apply for this entity.

02 Partnerships (VOF)
This is a sort of company for which we have to do some extra work. We charge the price mentioned for B1, plus:
€ 150 for each owner after owner #1.
Example: Company X is a VOF with 3 owners = € 300 extra

03 Private Limited Company (simple private limited company structure, B.V.)
For one shareholder the Price is € 2450
With Single BV with multiple shareholders there will be added € 500 for each shareholder after shareholder # 1.
For a holding with one operating company, the additional charge is €500.

Additional cost for:

– Staff
– Import export

04 Foundation (Stichting)
This is a sort of organization for which we have to do some extra work. We charge an extra amount of € 750, over the total price that results in the schedule above. This extra work has a lot to do with the annual statement, the foundation-taxes and the tax filing for each of the board-members.

For foundations that have no obligation to declare for VAT and corporations (EPC), we provide the overall administration for € 500 a year up to 200 mutations.
For more than 200 bookings, the normal schedule for Eenmanszaak is applied.

B5. Different situations and extra costs
You are not paying our invoices after reminders
You will receive a reminder in which the amount of the invoice is raised with € 25 for extra costs. If you still don’t pay, we will stop doing your work and you will receive fines from the tax office.

Your company is selling to / buying from other countries than The Netherlands
Extra costs of € 250 will be applied

Ending our partnership before december 31st
We invoice up to and including the current quarter of the cancellation + 100 euros.

Companies for who we only have to take care of a part of the administration
You might only let us take care of a part of your business administration. In this case, we will talk to you about an individual price, depended on how much work we have to do for you. Because of extra work, we might have to charge an extra amount at the end of the year. For printing and copying, we charge € 0,20 for each.

If your administration-papers are given to us between the 15th of the month and the end of the month or later, we need extra time and extra costs to file your tax in time. For this, we will charge an amount of € 45 if we managed to do it on time anyway.

For customers for who we take care of the payrolls, the same setting applies from the 21st of the month. The extra costs for notifying about the amount of hours too late is € 22,50.

Payment Sairam invoices

At Sairam Administration Office, prepayment of the invoice for monthly business administration applies. In the case of a reimbursement. So on July 1, the 50% of the invoice for the current year must be paid, even though the year has not yet been closed.

For other (extra) work, we will charge a fair price accordingly.

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